The Oracle Of New Speak Publishes The Narrative

Here comes the tired gray crone of Gotham to tell us what to think ahead of time:

Andrew McCabe, Ex-Deputy Director of F.B.I., Will Be Faulted for Leaks


WASHINGTON — A Justice Department review is expected to criticize the former F.B.I. deputy director, Andrew G. McCabe, for authorizing the disclosure of information about a continuing investigation to journalists, according to four people familiar with the inquiry.

Such a damning report would give President Trump new ammunition to criticize Mr. McCabe, who is at the center of Mr. Trump’s theory that “deep state” actors inside the F.B.I. have been working to sabotage his presidency. But Mr. McCabe’s disclosures to the news media do not fit neatly into that assumption: They contributed to a negative article about Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration’s Justice Department — not Mr. Trump.

The department’s inspector general, Michael E. Horowitzhas zeroed in on disclosures to The Wall Street Journal as part of a wide-ranging investigation into, among other things, how the F.B.I. approached the 2016 inquiry into Mrs. Clinton’s handling of classified information. Mr. Horowitz has said he expects to release a report this month or next.

Mr. McCabe, under pressure from the F.B.I. director, Christopher A. Wray, stepped down as the deputy director in late January amid concerns over the coming report.

Well yes, when one directs one’s subordinates to leak information to the press one does take the risk of being “faulted” for that leak.  But being “faulted” for a leak is the least of Mr. McCabe’s acts of malfeasance.  Mr. McCabe is “Richard Smoker” to William Mark Feldt Sr.’s “Deep Throat” in that he heads the group within the FBI and DoJ trying to cover up the misdeeds of Felonia Von Pantsuit and her former boss the faithless feckless former President.

Spin Machine Overdrive – New York Times Attempts To Provide Cover for McCabe Motive Outlined in Pending IG Report…

By sundance, the Conservative TreeHouse

Citing four people familiar with the IG inquiry, the motive for the New York Times is transparent. The “small group” of DOJ/FBI officials are trying to head-off the disturbing aspect to the IG outline and spin a false narrative.   However, our earlier research into the text messaging of Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, in combination with the leak in question to former Wall Street Journal reporter Devlin Barrett, allows us to see through the narrative.

The unnamed officials within the back-story, clouded by the verbiage in both the New York Times recent article and the Washington Post follow-up, are all ‘small group’ members: FBI Asst Director Andrew McCabe, FBI Agent Peter Strzok, FBI Attorney Lisa Page, FBI Chief of Staff Jim Rybicki and FBI Public Relations Director Mike Kortan.

Prior reporting showed Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe -along with the entire small group- became aware of the Clinton emails on the Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner laptop on September 28th, 2016.  Attempting to protect Hillary Clinton, text messages showedMcCabe and crew withheld that information for several weeks until October 28, 2016, when congress was notified and a public statement was made by Mike Kortan and FBI Director James Comey.

This seems to be the first coordinated leak since the sextet were read their rights, and a clear indication that either the completed DoJ IG report or a late draft is being circulated for review and classification/redaction.  One suspects Attorney General Sessions had an extreme blood pressure event when the President tweeted of his inaction, but he had the presence of mind to preserve his path forward to prosecution.

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