Bloody Business

There’s been another mass shooting. Of course you already know that, the news has been all about it. At first that seems natural. But not everything gets attention. The stock market, for example. Quick, what did the Dow finish at today? It was big news when it went down a lot, right? But today, nothing.

So, some news always gets attention. Blood will ways do that. Especially some bloody dead kids.

No, I’m not going to post what the news did. The whole problem is how the media covers tragedies. Pay close attention to what news teams did yesterday.

Find a shot of the school with first responders in action. Bonus points if you can get shots of terrified kids fleeing in horror, or medics working on a victim. Those get played on loops all, freaking, day. Then the news teams fill in with lingering shots of families waiting to find out if their children are dead or alive. Fill in more with some self-righteous ass who tells us we need more laws, because everyone knows murders won’t happen if you make them just a little more illegal.

The news will say it’s about the victims. But pay attention to what they show, how they focus the story, and just how much they depend on images and sounds of fear, pain, and horror to keep their audience.

If you want to know why, really, these school shootings keep happening, it’s grotesquely simple. There are a lot of people who profit from blood. And they only care about growing their business. To find solutions, stop listening to the media about the problem and think as a person.

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