The Curious Commonplace Case Of The Dog Which Did Not Bark In The Night

Barking is, after all, what dogs do.  And reporters, they dig up dirt.  Or they used to.  Or what we have now are not so much reporters as Leftist Activists with Bylines.  The curious commonplace failure to report this weekend is three fold.

First, the Russians Interfered in Elections narrative is dead.

Second, two key follow on items to the Nunes Memo were greeted with silence.

a) The Grassly-Graham Criminal Referral corroborates the Nunes Memo while demolishing dhimmocrat talking points

Grassley-Graham Memo Affirms Nunes Memo — Media Yawns

By Andrew McCarthy, the National Review Online

We need a full-blown investigation of how the FISA court came to grant warrants to spy on Carter Page.

In a word, the Grassley-Graham memo is shocking. Yet, the press barely notices. Rest assured: If a Republican administration had used unverifiable hearsay from a patently suspect agent of the Republican presidential candidate to gull the FISA court into granting a warrant to spy on an associate of the Democratic nominee’s campaign, it would be covered as the greatest political scandal in a half-century. Instead, it was the other way around. The Grassley-Graham memo corroborates the claims in the Nunes memo: The Obama Justice Department and FBI used anonymously sourced, Clinton-campaign generated innuendo to convince the FISA court to issue surveillance warrants against Carter Page, and in doing so, they concealed the Clinton campaign’s role. Though the Trump campaign had cut ties with Page shortly before the first warrant was issued in October 2016, the warrant application was based on wild allegations of a corrupt conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. Moreover, the warrant meant the FBI could seize not only Page’s forward-going communications but any past emails and texts he may have stored — i.e., his Trump campaign communications.

I spent many months assuring people that nothing like this could ever happen — that the FBI and Justice Department would not countenance the provision to the FISA court of uncorroborated allegations of heinous misconduct. When Trump enthusiasts accused them of rigging the process, I countered that they probably had not even used the Steele dossier. If the Justice Department had used it in writing a FISA warrant application, I insisted that the FBI would independently verify any important facts presented to the court, make any disclosures that ought in fairness be made so the judge could evaluate the credibility of the sources, and compellingly demonstrate probable cause before alleging that an American was a foreign agent.

I was wrong.

I think most of us wanted to believe the professionals at the FBI/DoJ would countenance no such thing, but we are now presented with clear and compelling evidence that they did.

b) Rather than redact the Minority Response to the Nunez Memo, the White House had the DoJ/FBI mark the memo so as to highlight the passages revealing sources, methods, and ongoing operations and investigations and sent it back to Representative Schiff (D-CA) and his fellow dhimmocrats such that they could edit it to meet the secrurity requirements for release.  There was no evidence as of this writing that any of the minority members had as much as reviewed the marked up copy returned to them.  Their failure to do so makes it clear that their memorandum in response was kabuki theater which they hoped the Executive would either refuse to release or redact so heavily as to make it un-readable.

Third, as I reported earlier today, we now have proof of a third dossier disseminated by the State Department under Secretary Fred Herman Munster John Kerry in the final days of the malAdministration of the faithless feckless former President.

We now return you to LSM fawning over DPRK propaganda.

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