WSJ Editorial Board Rediscovers Truth

The Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal seems to have rediscovered their purpose.

WSJ Editorial Blasts Media Coverage of Russia ‘Collusion’ Investigation

By Michael Van Der Galien, PJ Media

Wall Street Journal editorial is demanding “radical transparency” on the Mueller investigation not only from the FBI and Congress, but also from other news outlets.

Several days ago, Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham released a less redacted version of their criminal referral letter to the Justice Department concerning Christopher Steele — the former British spy and author of the infamous dossier alleging collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The letter from the two senators clarifies the recently released House Intelligence Committee’s memo describing FISA surveillance abuse by the FBI, and provides even more evidence that the Clinton campaign was involved in the controversy.

As the Wall Street Journal explains, the letter “makes public for the first time actual text from the FBI’s FISA application, as well as classified testimony the FBI gave the Senate Judiciary Committee about the dossier and FISA application. In particular, the referral rebuts the Democratic claim that the FBI told the FISA court about the partisan nature of the Steele dossier.” As Grassley and Graham write in their letter: “The FBI noted to a vaguely limited extent the political origins of the dossier.”

Although the letter “stated that the dossier information was compiled pursuant to the direction of a law firm who had hired an ‘identified U.S. person’ — now known as Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS … the application failed to disclose that the identities of Mr. Simpson’s ultimate clients were the Clinton campaign and the DNC.”

Not even in the small print, it turns out.  Omitted entirely was any mention of the Clinton Campaign.  The called for “radical transparancy” may be forthcoming thanks to the efforts of Representative Bob Goodlatte, Chairman of the House Judiciary Comittee:

Batter Up – Chairman Goodlatte Requests FISA Court Documents From Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer…

By Sundance, the Conservative Treehouse

Chairman Goodlatte has written a letter to Presiding FISA Court Judge Rosemary Collyer, requesting the FBI application documents that underwrite the October 21st, 2016, “Title 1” surveillance request against Carter Page.  Goodlatte is cutting to the chase and requesting the underlying FISC material directly from the court as provided by the DOJ and FBI.

The Goodlatte request presents a very interesting dynamic because Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer was the FISC Justice who wrote the extensive 99-page opinion (based on the reporting by NSA Director Mike Rogers and the admissions from the Department of Justice) that outlined the intentional abuse and misrepresentations to the FISA Court within the FISA-702 process.

Why yes, that is both an escalation and a clear indication that the FBI and DoJ have not been forthcoming with the Congressional Committee that exercises oversight, a point further hammered home by side by side comparison of Senator Grassley’s criminal referral to the DoJ [Hat Tip, Walter_Cronanty]:

Black Lines Matter

By Julie Kelley, AmericanGreatness

Here are some of the key redactions that were reversed yesterday. Now, keep in mind, this is information the FBI did not want the public to see. Ask yourself why as you read along:

  • Former FBI director James Comey told the committee in March 2017 that the “FBI included the dossier allegations about Carter Page in the FISA applications because Mr. Steele himself was considered reliable due to his past work with the Bureau.” The FBI also told FISC that “based on [Steele’s] previous reporting history with the FBI, the FBI believes [Steele’s] reporting to be credible.”
  • The October 21, 2016 FISA warrant application “consists of allegations against Page that were disclosed to the FBI by Mr. Steele and are also outlined in the dossier. The application appears to contain no additional information [emphasis added] corroborating the dossier allegations against Mr. Page. Mr. Steele’s information formed a significant portion of the FBI’s warrant application, and the FISA application relied more heavily on Steele’s credibility than on any independent verification or corroboration for his claims.”
  • Just as House Intelligence committee chairman Devin Nunes said, the FISA applications did not inform the court that Steele was being paid by a rival presidential campaign and major political party: “The application failed to disclose that the identities of Mr. Simpson’s [Fusion GPS principle Glenn Simpson] ultimate clients were the Clinton campaign and the DNC. It appears the FBI relied on admittedly uncorroborated information, funded by and obtained for Secretary Clinton’s presidential campaign, in order to conduct surveillance of an associated of the opposing presidential candidate.”
  • The FBI did its own version of double-dipping by citing the dossier and a Yahoo News article that also relied on Steele and the dossier. The Bureau told the court that the article, written by Michael Isikoff who just confirmed he met with Simpson and Steele in September 2016, corroborated Steele’s dossier: “Given that the information contained in the September 23rd news article generally matches the information about Page that [Steele] discovered doing his/her research [redacted]. The FBI does not believe that [Steele] directly provided this information to the press.” We now know he did, and it’s kind of amazing to think that no one in the FBI was the least bit concerned that Isikoff’s piece was sourced from Steele.
  • Steele went rogue weeks before the election because he was “bothered by the FBI’s notification to Congress in October 2016 about the reopening of the Clinton investigation.” He was bothered or his boss—Hillary Clinton—was bothered? At Simpson’s direction, Steele “independently and against the prior admonishment from the FBI to speak only with the FBI on this matter, released the reporting [on the dossier] to an identified news organization.”

I find that I join the Editorial Board of the WSJ in their conclusion:


Some of our media friends are so invested in the Steele dossier, or in protecting their Fusion pals, or in Donald Trump’s perfidy, that they want to ignore all this. But journalists ought to tell the complete story.

The best way to learn what’s true and false in the Russian influence story is radical transparency, and the Trump Administration should declassify all four FISA applications on Mr. Page and all of the documents behind them. Meanwhile, thanks to the two Senators for helping get closer to the truth.

Entirely too much of the LSM are indistinguishable at this point from Democratic Party Operatives with Bylines.

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