FBI Tries And Fails To Destroy Evidence

The only thing worse than trying to destroy evidence is doing so incompetently.

Inspector General says he has recovered FBI officials’ missing texts during key period leading up to Mueller’s appointment

By Matt Zapotosky, the Washington Post

The Department of Justice Inspector general says he has recovered missing text messages from two senior FBI officials who investigated both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and exchanged notes critical of the president.

In a letter to congressional leaders, Inspector General Michael Horowitz said his office “succeeded in using forensic tools” to recover messages between senior FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page during a key five-month period ending the day special counsel Robert S. Mueller III was appointed to investigate possible coordination between the Kremlin and Trump’s campaign. The missing messages have sparked a political firestorm in recent days, as GOP leaders and the president himself have raised questions about how the FBI could have failed to retain them.

Defense lawyers in Washington D.C. are about to be very busy.  I suspect Horowitz had some of the files in hand when the FBI stated they could not recover them, and has since seen to it that the rest (and probably more, by other bad actors) was recovered and catalogued.  Expect the rodent exodus to pick up speed.

Incompetence can be its own reward.

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