Stunning Abuse of National Security Data

The FBI/Fusion GPS blasphemy just keeps getting worse.  We now have indications that the FBI allowed Fusion GPS employees un-supervised access to raw FISA data.

Was Fusion GPS Allowed to Run Unsupervised FISA-702 Queries?

By Lawrence Person, BattleSwarm Blog

We interrupt our regularly-scheduled LinkSwarm, and preempt our next gargantuan Clinton Corruption update, to bring you a development that potentially dwarfs not only what we already know of the scandal, but anynational American political scandal since Benedict Arnold sold the British the plans to West Point in 1780.

These claims center around a Top Secret FISA Court Order document obtained by Judicial Watch on May 23, 2017, but I first came across them last night on Twitter:

The explosive part of the piece is also, alas, the one that currently appears to have only anonymous sources as corroborating evidence: that Fusion GPS was the “outside contractor” allowed to run “unsupervised” FISA-702 queries. It fits the pattern and makes sense, but I have to treat it with wariness because it too neatly fits my understanding of Obama administration/Clinton campaign patterns of lawlessness, and I want to avoid the trap of confirmation bias.

This does indeed ring true without quite being established as true beyond a reasonable doubt.

So far.

If this does indeed prove out, everyone involved in the program needs to be investigated and prosecuted.  Regardless of the result of such prosecution, all involved must be stripped of all security clearances and banned for life from working for the U. S. Goverment (to include contracting).

I fully support Rand Paul in his promise of fillibustering FISA-702 re-authorization.

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