Republican Representative Raises Stakes

Yesterday I reported that dhimmocratic Senatrix Dianne Feinstein, Senior Senatrix from California, had unilaterally released the transcripts of testimony by Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson.  In so doing I made the case that the Feinstein, who sits on both the Committee on the Judiciary (which had kept Simpson’s testimony sealed) and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (which received all FBI/DoJ Documents on the “Steele Dossier” on Friday 06 January) did so to protect dhimmocratic operatives in the DoJ / FBI from perjury traps in their forthcoming testimony under oath before the Intelligence Committee.

Apparantly Representative Ron DeSantis (R, FL-6), former JAG (LT USNR, JD Harvard) and current chair of the House Oversight subcommittee on National Security reads Feinstein’s unilateral release the same way I do, and just raised her bet.

BREAKING: House Chairman Asks Paul Ryan To Declassify All DOJ And FBI ‘Trump Dossier’ Docs

By Richard Pollock, the Daily Caller

Florida GOP Rep. Ron DeSantis asked Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on Tuesday to declassify all of the Department of Justice and FBI’s Trump dossier files, The Caller News Foundation has learned.

DeSantis, the chairman of the House Oversight subcommittee on National Security, formally asked Ryan in a letter to invoke Rule X in order to declassify all documents obtained by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Under House rules, the speaker of the House acts as an ex-officio member of any select committee, which includes the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Under Rule X, the speaker along with a majority vote by the committee can allow for the disclosure of “any information in its possession after a determination by the select committee that the public interest would be served by such disclosure.”

After five months of defying Congress, the Department of Justice and FBI agreed on Jan. 3 to provide the Intelligence Committee with all of its documents on the Trump dossier, an unverified document based on unnamed Russian sources about President Donald Trump. The documents are classified and barred from public review.

Those documents were delivered to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and presumably the applicable House committees and sub-committees on Friday January 6th.

I view this as a move to moot the ongoing Meuller investigation of any ability to prosecute since Feinstein just did the same for the dhimmocratic rearguard in the FBI and DoJ.

Update: Commnter Walter Cromanty brings important data.

And please note, as this factoid has confused me, there never is/was a FISA “warrant.” Instead, there was/were FISA 702-(16)(17) “queries”:

♦Here’s where the verbiage used by media doesn’t match with what was occurring. The DOJ and FBI didn’t use Title III wiretaps, because the current system of NSA intercepting and collecting all electronic data is already one big global wiretap.

The DOJ National Security Division and FBI Counterintelligence Division worked around the need for Title III wiret ap warrants by using FISA-702 “Queries” to identify their targeted intercepts. FISA-702(16)(17) “Queries” work around the need for domestic Title III wiretap warrants by looking at the intersection of “foreign” contacts with U.S. individuals. Some refer to this approach as “reverse targeting”.

When the investigator at DOJ or FBI, the system ‘user’, interfaces with the NSA data-hub, they use the process of FISA “Queries” to identify their target. If they are picking up a U.S. citizen the 702 part comes in. FISA-702 is ‘incidental collection’ of U.S. individuals.

FISA Example: Where is foreign person “Natalia Veselnitskya‘s” cell phone? (input phone number)…

Oh, she’s in Trump Tower,… OK, great.

FISA-702 Query “all ip addresses and cell phone communication within Trump Tower”.

Review data, fill out FISA query authorization form explaining the reason for the FISA second query. Easy peasy, legal. That query then becomes a valid “FISA warrant”, but “Warrant” is really a misnomer based on traditional lingo.

The second search is actually a legally approved FISA-702 “query”, not really a “warrant”; the FISA-702 (U.S. individual or entity) search query (form required) is a result of a valid search query upon a foreign actor (no form required). The 702 authorization form is what people mistakenly refer to as the “warrant”….

[Also remember all FISA-702 approvals can be given retroactively. The operator doesn’t necessarily need to request approval in advance to search; only to make the search results legal, and then proceed to “unmasking”.]

The DATA already exists. The DOJ/FBI user is only seeking to find legal ways to explore the existing data using foreign entities to locate what they really want; which is domestic surveillance of a U.S. individual or group, perhaps only loosely connected to the for eign subject or entity.

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