Just How Interesting Will 2018 Be? And First Open Thread of 2018

Based on what we have seen in the first three days and know to be comming down the pike, very interesting indeed.

  1.  California declares itself a Sanctuary State

    I note for the record that the bottom sign was not added by the State, but by some wag. The State has been very quick to take them down, unlike most California DoT work.
  2. Fire at the Clinton Home in Chappaqua, NY:

    LET THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES BEGIN! Fire reported at Clintons’ house in Chappaqua. Scanner reports “said it was a bedroom fire and has been extinguished.”

    Via Ed Driscol writing at Instapundit

  3. DoJ Re-opens investigation into Hillary Clinton handling of Classified Materials.

    DOJ May Be Looking To REOPEN Hillary Clinton Email Investigation

    After a series of disturbing revelations, Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he’d like to review the evidence.

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions is having quite the busy day. In addition to reorganizing the Department of Justice’s approach to enforcing federal drug laws as they pertain to marijuana, his office says he’s considering re-opening an investigation into whether Hillary Clinton improperly handled classified documents during her time as secretary of state.

  4. 2018’s first Blue Moon will also see a total lunar ecliplse.
  5. Ash Wednesday will fall on Valentines Day.
  6. Easter Sunday will fall on the first day of April
  7. Federal Mid Term Elections will be held.

I think 2018 just asked 2016 and 2017 to hold it’s drink.

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