Political Deplorables

In September of 2016, Hillary Clinton put a nail in her political coffin when she said, “You can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables, right? Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it.” Sure, she apologized for her remark the next day, but by then, the self-inflicted political damage couldn’t be reversed.

The irony is that Clinton did something deplorable by making such a remark. She accused a significantly large percentage of the U.S. voting public of particular vices without providing evidence that her accusation was true.

Such deplorable behavior on Clinton’s part was nothing new for the Democratic Party. By September 2016, it had become commonplace for Democrats to accuse Republicans of being “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic” when Republicans weren’t those things.

Is it xenophobic to want to prevent foreigners from violating the USA’s immigration laws? No, it isn’t, but that is what Democrats say about anyone wanting a wall across the USA’s entire southern border. It would be xenophobic to want to stop all foreigners from entering the USA, but no Republican politician has suggested such a thing. Sure, a few Republican pundits have presented themselves as being anti-brown in regards to immigrants, but those pundits are not election GOP leaders. When it comes to immigration, most of those who voted for Trump simply want an end to the violation of federal law. Thus, it is deplorable to claim that those voters are xenophobic.

Is it Islamophobic to want to temporarily halt immigration from a few nations that are breeding grounds for terrorism? No, it isn’t, but that is Democrats said about President Trump when he enacted a temporary travel ban on travel from a select number of nations. Trump’s ban didn’t affect the vast majority of Muslim nations. Under Trump’s ban, more Muslims than not could still travel to the USA. Again, Trump’s travel ban was a temporary ban against terrorist breeding grounds, not a temporary ban on the Islamic faith. Sure, I can think of Republicans who support depriving peaceful Muslims in the USA of their freedom of religion – with Roy Moore leading that pack. Still, it is deplorable to label people as being Islamophobic for wanting to prevent foreign terrorists from entering the USA.

So, I can say for certain that the Democratic Party isn’t immune from deplorable behavior.

However, the Republican Party also has deplorable behavior coming from within, with the poster child for that deplorable behavior being Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore. His political rise has me asking, “What the hell are Alabama Republicans thinking?” Moore is the Republican who, in 2006, openly declared that congressional leaders should prohibit Keith Ellison from becoming a member of Congress because Ellison is a Muslim. As of 10/31/17, Moore still stands by what he said about Ellison in 2006.

If, on 12/12/17 Alabama voters elect Moore to be their new U.S. Senator, then Alabama’s nickname should be changed to the Deplorable State, because I can’t think of anything more politically deplorable than wanting to deprive a U.S. citizen of his constitutional rights.

Granted, if that were to happen, then Alabama wouldn’t be the first state to be nicknamed after people who supported deplorable behavior. Oklahoma is nicknamed the Sooner State. The historical Sooners were white people who cheated during a federal land run, and what they did was illegal. They immigrated to Oklahoma when they did not yet have permission from the federal government to do so. Thus, they were illegal immigrants. In short, the word Sooner is a synonym for law-breaking cheater.

That is why I sing . . .

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