Proposed Gun Legislation That Is Reasonable

No blogger is correct in every case. Regarding gun control, I am happily incorrect about something. In my blog post Las Vegas Shooting and Gun Control, I state the following:

“New gun legislation might be worthy of consideration as long as it meets two conditions:
1) It doesn’t violate the Second Amendment.
2) It would actually do some significant good.

I don’t know of any proposed gun legislation that meets both of those conditions.”

As it turns out, there is proposed gun legislation that meets both of those conditions.

From The Hill: “Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.) plans to introduce bipartisan legislation to ban a device used by the Las Vegas shooter that makes semi-automatic weapons fire more rapidly. Legislation to ban bump stocks has gathered bipartisan support rapidly over the past few days in the wake of the shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday.”

Regarding bump stocks, Politico quotes Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) as saying, “Automatic weapons are illegal. If that facilitates that, to me it would be subject to the same ban. If that actually gets on the Senate floor, I’d vote for it.”

From CBS News: “Senator James Lankford, R-Oklahoma, told CBSN anchor Elaine Quijano that he may be open to the possibility of regulating ‘bump stocks,’ which are devices that allow semi-automatic weapons to mimic the firing rate of automatic weapons.”

The Washington Examiner reports, “Newt Gingrich said Wednesday that it would be ‘common sense’ for Congress to consider gun control legislation that makes rapid-fire gun modifications illegal, allowing laws to ‘catch up’ with technology.”

Regarding bump stocks, USA Today reports, “Manufacturers tout the stocks, some of which sell for less than $200, as offering a simple and affordable alternative to automatic weapons without the hassle of a rigorous background check and other restrictions.”

Reasonable Conservatives and Republicans can see the the justification of banning bump stocks.

Granted, not all Conservatives and Republicans are reasonable. Then again, neither are all Liberals and Democrats.

Anyway, I am mistaken in my previous post, and I am glad to be mistaken. As I said before, no blogger is correct in every case. Show me a blogger who says that he is correct in every case, and I will show you a blogger who is delusional at best.

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