Las Vegas Shooting and Gun Control

They want to shut the gate to the corral after all of the horses have escaped.

That’s how some people are reacting to the mass shooting in Las Vegas. “If only the federal government had passed Law X after the Y shooting, then the Las Vegas shooting wouldn’t have happened!”

Hey, Pandora, why don’t you grab those bad things you let out of your box and put them back in?

Oh well. Such a knee-jerk reaction should be expected.

Isn’t that the way people are? We crave simple solutions to complex problems because we don’t want to admit that the real solutions are as complex as the problems. We desire simple-but-false answers because they are supposedly less costly to us.

New gun legislation might be worthy of consideration as long as it meets two conditions:
1) It doesn’t violate the Second Amendment.
2) It would actually do some significant good.

I don’t know of any proposed gun legislation that meets both of those conditions.

The harsh reality is that people determined to do evil are going to do evil. We can erect legal roadblocks, but evil has a way of going around roadblocks.

Granted, some people won’t even admit that evil exists. That’s because such an admission would also be an admission of something that is beyond human control. People tend to be afraid of whatever is beyond human control.

The knee-jerk reaction to the Las Vegas shooting isn’t helpful. Neither is lamenting about gun control in other nations. Gun control might work in nations where Pandora’s Box hasn’t been opened yet, but the USA isn’t one of those nations. No new gun legislation could make all existing guns, gun accessories and ammunition in American vanish. Background checks are worthless if the ones intent on evil have nothing troublesome in their background.

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