Another Case of Left-Wing Lunacy

Now for another case of Left-wing lunacy. Did you know that the Trump Administration engaged in racism in its preparation and response to Hurricane Harvey? That is the accusation being made by a Left-wing activist, as reported by the Huffington Post.

“Hurricane Harvey and the destruction it has wrought on southeastern Texas and Louisiana have cast something of a shadow over the March to Confront White Supremacy as media outlets and progressive allies focus on responding to the disaster.

But marcher Nelini Stamp, the New York-based membership director of the Working Families Party, called the devastating storm another case study of how white supremacy affects policy outcomes, arguing in a Facebook Live video on Thursday that the government’s preparation and response to the disaster had failed Houston’s communities of color.

. . . “What’s happening in Houston is exactly white supremacy – the fact that President Donald Trump did not acknowledge it until much later on and he didn’t go visit any victims of the flood, the fact that he … has been defunding programs that protect black and brown communities during natural disasters,” she said.”

Such a wild and unsubstantiated claim is so ridiculous that even liberals and Democrats can see it.

From the Associated Press: “President Donald Trump cupped a boy’s face in his hands and then gave him a high-five. He snapped on latex gloves to hand out boxed lunches of hot dogs and potato chips. And he loaded relief supplies into vehicles, patted storm victims on the shoulder and declared the work “good exercise.” An upbeat and optimistic president visited with victims of Harvey on Saturday, touring a Houston mega-shelter housing hundreds of displaced people and briefly walking streets lined with soggy, discarded possessions.”

Granted, President Trump didn’t have much contact with hurricane victims during his brief stop in Houston on August 29th, but there is a logical explanation for that. The President simply can’t go anywhere outside of D.C. on short notice (except perhaps Camp David). The U.S. Secret Service has to work out the logistics of any visit by the POTUS. If Hurricane Harvey had struck Houston a year ago, and if the conditions afterwards had been the same, then President Obama would have encountered the same travel limitations that President Trump encountered.

As for President Trump defunding anything, he doesn’t have the power to defund what was funded in a federal budget that was passed and took effect before he was elected. Hurricane Harvey struck during a federal fiscal year that began prior to the 2016 presidential election.

Also, exactly what alleged defunding of natural-disaster help on President Trump’s part doesn’t affect white citizens, too? The last time that I checked, plenty of white people live in the places struck by Hurricane Harvey.

Seriously, the playing of the race card in this case goes beyond the pale even for liberals and Democrats. Not even Maxine Waters has done so.

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