Buffalo Soldiers: Will Liberals Attack The Statues to Famous Black Soldiers Who Killed Indians?

-By Warner Todd Huston

In their lust to destroy America’s history, anti-American, Antifa fascists have been attacking Civil War statues, statues to our founders, and even statues to Revolutionary War heroes. In their ignorance, they imagine all these statues are black and white instances of evil. But to prove that history isn’t just a black and white issue, there is the history of the black soldiers of the western armies who became famous killing American Indians. What will these idiots do with statues to the famed Buffalo Soldiers?

It all amounts to a very inconvenient history for these ISIS-like, leftist, Antifa thugs.

These leftists think that all American history is evil, certainly. But they pretend that they are sticking up for minorities with their attacks on the tens of thousands of statues and memorials to various historical figures across the nation.

But there are many statues that might pose a particular problem to these disgusting “social justice warriors.” One wonders what these slimeballs who think they are standing up for minorities are going to do with the tricky history of the Buffalo Soldiers?

There are many statues to the famous black soldiers who joined the U.S. Army to fight Indians in the great wild west. Comprising the 9th and 10th Cavalry and the 24th and 25th U.S. Infantry, regiments raised after the Civil War to keep the peace on the frontier.

Fully 23 African American Buffalo Soldiers earned the Medal of Honor fighting Indians and they have earned tribute in Kansas, Arizona, New Mexico and many other South Western states.

Just to name a very few, there is a statue to the brave Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Bayard, New Mexico, another at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, one at Fort Huachuca, AZ, one at Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas, and many, many more not just in the south west, but across the country.

There is even an organization to these heroes called the Buffalo Soldiers Association, based in Washington DC. It is associated with the Department of Veterans Affairs, no less.

This history, though, must make the heads of these Antifa fools spin like a top. Here we have black men killing native people. In the left’s version of social justice, this is impossible. How can two minority groups be set upon each other like that?

How is the good guy in this history? Do we destroy monuments to black soldiers because they killed Indians? And should all blacks be tarred with the evil murders perpetrated by the black Buffalo Soldiers?

Well, in the simple minded reckoning of the left, that would be only fair. After all, they condemn all white people for the actions of those who died over a hundred years ago. Why shouldn’t all blacks be called to “justice” for the actions for the actions of the negro Buffalo Soldiers?

Of course, we know what will really happen, here.

What will really happen is that these leftist liars will simply ignore all this history. No Buffalo Soldier statue will be targeted for destruction. No Buffalo Soldier monument will be protested. It will be ignored because to face the difficulty of real history would be too much for the left’s tiny hive mind to withstand.

We don’t want to talk about real history. We just want to push the Antifa’s ill-educated fantasy history.

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