You Have The Right To Be Offended [And Open Thread]

Everytime I think we’ve reached peak progtard stupidity they stoop to new lows. Today’s example, ESPN.

Seems they decided to remove their scheduled announcer for a College Football game between The University of Virginia and William and Mary college. His offense? His name.

Yep, a man of asian heritage name Robert Lee announcing a college football game might be offensive.

You know what? Frack that. Everyone has the right to take offense.

No one has the right to prevent anyone other than themselves from offering offense.

Even when offense is offered, the individual it is offered to DECIDES whether to take offense, or not.

It this offends you, suck it up. Take as much offense as you can carry and carry it as far from me as you can, because I will not tolerate your whining.

And Open Thread since no one should have to tolerate our whining single note author.

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