Another Bad Idea That Won’t Stay Dead

It sometimes seems that bad ideas are some of the very longest lived ideas.

In particular one spectatularly bad idea and it’s bastard children comes to mind:

Social Progress: The notion that Humanity and the Societies that Humanity produces are destined to proceed along a defined path leading to an ideal condition.

Even a rather cursory understanding of history reveals that for the pious hope and damned lie that it is.

The children of this belief have been nothing short of disastrous, yet they too have the undying support of their proponents. These children are of course the “ism’s” which stacked bodies like cord wood over the twentieth century and which seem on track to carry on the slaughter into the twenty-first century:

Socialism (which begat)
Communism (and it’s hated twin)

All of which are alive and doing ill today.

Add to this list secessionism.

This epically bad idea was last championed by the Democrats of the 1850’s and 1860’s. One might think that the Civil War that resulted (and which remains the bloodiest war in our long history of bloody wars) put paid to this monumentally bad idea back in 1865. I held out some faint hope that the history to which I allude was not about to be repeated when the initial proposal for CalExit went down to defeat. It seems my hopes have once again been disappointed.

“Calexit” Referendum Question Is One Step Closer To Appearing On 2018 Ballot

By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge

A group that is trying to organize a vote on whether California should secede from the US has received permission to begin gathering signatures to force an independence referendum that, if successful, would amount to the first serious attempt at secession by a US state since the Civil War.

According to the Sacramento Bee, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra issued an official ballot measure title and summary to the “California Autonomy From Federal Government” initiative, which can now start gathering signatures needed to include the referendum question – known informally as “Calexit” – on the ballot during the 2018 midterm elections.

As I wrote back in January and February of this year here on Wizbang, Secession 2.0 is a stupendously bad idea on both the practical and theoretical levels before one considers what a twenty-first century American Civil War II would look like.

Follow the links for my earlier recounting of precisely why this is such a bad idea, I see no need to repeat them here.

May God Damn these idiots, and spare our Republic.

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