Paris Climate Accord: Follow the Money

President Donald Trump has been heavily criticized for deciding to withdraw the USA from the Paris Climate Accord. Those who criticize him don’t necessarily mention all of the facts about the Paris Climate Accord when they complain about President Trump’s decision.

Here are a few facts that the critics routinely leave out.

1) If the Paris Climate Accord were an international treaty, then no sitting POTUS could sign onto it without 2/3 of the U.S. Senate voting to approve of it. Being that the Paris Climate Accord didn’t have such approval by the U.S. Senate, President Trump didn’t have the constitutional authority to sign onto in the first place.

2) If the Paris Climate Accord weren’t an international treaty, then the USA wouldn’t be legally bound to conform to it even if President Trump had signed onto it. Constitutional attorney Bruce Fein writes, “Mr. Obama’s signing of the Paris Climate Accord had no more constitutional standing than the currency of the Confederate States of America, and Mr. Trump’s withdrawal from the agreement did no more than officially bury a legally dead corpse.”

3) The Paris Climate Accord isn’t just about a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It is also about a transfer of wealth to the U.N. – $15 million to be exact.

From CNN Money, 06/02/17: “Billionaire Michael Bloomberg says he is ready to help foot the bill for the Paris Climate Agreement after President Trump announced his decision to pull the Unites States out of it.”

4) The USA doesn’t need to participate in the Paris Climate Accord in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

From Fox News:

“A coalition of U.S. states, cities, businesses and colleges is committing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as prescribed under the so-called Paris climate agreement, even after President Trump deemed the pact “unfair” and called for America to withdraw.

California Gov. Jerry Brown and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched “America’s Pledge” on Wednesday, promising to stand by the Paris pact. The coalition aims to significantly reduce emissions “at a time of limited federal leadership,” according to a press release.

… The coalition now includes 224 cities and counties, nine states, 314 colleges, and over 1,600 businesses and investors.”

Prior to Trump becoming the POTUS, industries and businesses were already reducing greenhouse gas emissions without any coercion from the federal government, and – in case you haven’t noticed – industries and businesses are still reducing greenhouse gas emissions without the USA participating in the Paris Climate Accord.

If the Paris Climate Accord were just about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, then the USA is already doing that, and the USA doesn’t need to be a part of the Paris Climate Accord in order to continue reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

If one wants to understand everything that the Paris Climate Accord is about, then follow the money.

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