Frank Talk About Inconvenient Truths

It’s refreshing when an Administration has principle officers and assistants who both speak their minds and speak clearly. LTGEN H. R. McMaster, USA, currently serving as President Trump’s National Security Advisor, is an excellent case in point.

McMaster Points To Obama’s ‘Premature Disengagement’ For Current Afghan Mess

By SAAGAR ENJETI, the Daily Caller News Foundation

National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster cast blame for the dire current situation in Afghanistan on the previous administration’s handling of the war effort, while speaking at a Center for New American Security conference Wednesday.

The national security advisor’s comments came during an answer to a question as to how increasing the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan can change the tide of the war. McMaster pointed to former President Barack Obama’s “precipitous withdrawal” from Iraq and subsequent development of the Islamic State as an example of what the Trump administration intended not to do in Afghanistan.

The Taliban have made unprecedented gains across Afghanistan since the end of the U.S. combat mission in 2014, controlling nearly a third of the population. The U.S. backed Afghan National Security Forces have borne massive casualties in the last two years of fighting and continue to suffer from major systematic problems.

Well yes. The dhimmocrats in general and the previous [mal]Administration in particular have demonstrated a notable penchant for pissing away the victories our servicemen paid a full blood price to earn. It seems the current administration will not perpetuate the earlier derelictions of duty.

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