Are Democrats jealous of Barack Obama?

Are Democrats jealous of Barack Obama? One might conclude that upon reading this headline from

“Obamas under fire from the left for never ending, sizzling ultra-luxury vacations”


“The Democratic base is growing increasingly frustrated with former President Barack Obama’s actions after leaving office, including a seemingly endless tour of millionaire and billionaire luxury retreats, according to Democrats and activists contacted by Fox News.”


“Left-wing activists told Fox News they are troubled by what they see as a trend by Obama to distance himself from the base of the party. It’s not just vacations. The president also has enjoyed hefty fees for speeches to prominent Wall Street firms. It’s all part of a trend, they say, of Obama trying to join the fabled 1 percent.”

I would like for liberals and Democrats to explain just what Barack Obama has done after leaving the White House that is illegal or immoral.

As long as Obama is living high on the hog through honest means, there is no good reason for complaining about him doing so.

Egads! Barack Obama is now a private citizen and is free to do what he wants with his retirement as long as it is legal. Even conservatives and Republicans can figure that out.

If liberals and Democrats are going to complain about other liberals and Democrats living high on the hog, then the former need to start by complaining about the lifestyles of the rich Democrat celebrities.

Seriously, it is nutty for liberals and Democrats to complain about Barack Obama’s current lifestyle.

And speaking of nutty, check out this other headline from

The Confederate flag referred to was originally raised by the late restaurateur Maurice Bessinger.


“During his life, Bessinger was critical of the Civil Rights Act and called Brown v. Board of Education — the 1954 Supreme Court case that ended race-based segregation in American public and private schools — a “really bad” decision.

“I raised the flag out here on the flagpole to protest the taking down of our heritage flag,” Bessinger said in 2000.

Bessinger died in 2014, but wrote that the flags that fly outside of his establishments “will stay.”

“I will fight on because this is what God wants me to do,” he added.”

I don’t know which god that Bessinger was referring to, but he definitely was not referring to the God of Christianity.

More from

“Before his death, Bessinger sold the small section of land that surrounds the flagpole to the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 842.

“And we’ve been trying ever since to … honor the Confederate soldier,” Buzz Braxton, commander and member of the group, said. “He put it in the hands of people that he trusted because he loved his Confederate ancestors and his Confederate history just like we do. So, there was nothing sinister.””

There was nothing sinister? Except for acts of violence, all of the left-wing lunacy in the world pales in comparison to the lunacy that is the ongoing cult of the Confederacy. What members of that cult are saying is this:

I am proud of the fact that my Confederate ancestors declared war against the USA, killed members of the U.S. Army and tried to keep black Americans enslaved. I am also proud of the fact that, after the Civil War ended, my ancestors did all they could to prevent black Americans from having the same rights as white Americans.

Folks, everything stated above in italics is just what the Confederate flag stands for.

Sure, there are ignorant individuals who don’t understand that and who display the Confederate flag. Then there are those who do understand and still display the Confederate flag.

Someone might say, “Robertson, how dare you criticize those who display the Confederate flag! Those people tend to support conservative and Republican causes.” Well, their support of conservative and Republican causes doesn’t mitigate the evil that the Confederate flag stands for. The cult of the Confederacy has become a cancer on the Republican-Party body. If conservative and Republican pundits aren’t going to attack that cancer, then I will.

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