I’m still glad that Trump is the President.

Upon looking back at President Donald Trump’s first five months in the Oval Office, ones who wanted him there might be having second thoughts about that.

Not me, with the reasons being recorded in some of my previous posts.

Here are some of the things that I wrote prior to the 2016 presidential election:

“Only if one believes that Donald Trump would be worse as POTUS than Hillary Clinton should anyone entertain the idea of voting for Clinton. The problem with making such a judgment is that one doesn’t really know how a person will perform as the President until the person actually is the President. For all we know, Donald Trump might perform well if he were the POTUS. At the same time, we have no guarantee that Hillary Clinton would abandon her Nixonesque sleaziness if she were to be elected. Yes, Hillary Clinton is as oily as a politician can be, and while serving as U.S. Secretary of State, she behaved in a way that is unethical at best.”


“Although I have spoken negatively about Trump, I have never been a member of the Never-Trump gang. I would prefer that he win instead of Clinton, because I believe Clinton to be crooked.”


“Anyone who has read my previous posts should already know that a Clinton victory is something that I do NOT want. Only an idiot would conclude that I would vote for Clinton or want her to win.”

Immediately after the election, I wrote, “In previous posts, I describe Trump as a political monster, but I never accuse him of being corrupt. The “corrupt” label belongs to Hillary Clinton . . . I expect Trump to make innocent mistakes as the next POTUS, but every POTUS makes innocent mistakes.”

After President Trump entered the Oval Office, I wrote, “So, yes, President Trump is a political monster because he often lacks finesse. He isn’t as refined as a seasoned politician such as Hillary Clinton. Then again, he isn’t as deceptive as her, either. When it comes to who is the POTUS, I prefer someone who is rough but honest over someone who is smooth but deceptive.”

In short, I’m still glad that Trump is the President because Hillary Clinton is still Hillary Clinton.

Sure, plenty of liberals and Democrats continue to treat Clinton as if she were a saint, but I cannot prevent them from having such a delusion. They are so far out in orbit that NASA can’t get a radar fix on them.

Then again, some others are also that far out in orbit.

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