Democrats Get A Reality Check

“It was a gut punch to Democrats’ confidence, a reality check to the idea that vast swaths of the country were ready to deliver a backlash.” Those are the words of Molly Ball in an article published by The Atlantic. Ball is commenting on Jon Ossoff’s loss to Karen Handel in the special election to fill the open seat in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.

Ball also writes, “If this race was a referendum on Trump, the president won it.”

Monica Showalter picks up on the referendum theme:

“Guess it really was a referendum, but not with the “narrative” Ben Rhodes and all his fellow Democratic Party coevals and media toadies thought it would be. Apparently, hating Trump is not sufficient to win elections these days.

The reality it shows is that Georgia voters and Americans in general are tired as heck of the left’s kitchen-sink Energizer Bunny-style efforts to delegitimize President Trump – whether through tantrums, thuggery, lawsuits, special prosecutors, fake news, gobs and gobs of campaign cash, or “any means necessary.”

Handel wasn’t always riding high in the polls, but when it came down to brass tacks and the coinciding news was in all the disgusting efforts to stop President Trump and the agenda the people elected him to accomplish back in Washington, Handel’s numbers crossed the victory threshold.”

Regarding how Republicans would vote in this particular election, Niall Stanage writes, “There had been plenty of speculation that upscale Republican voters in Georgia who backed Trump with reluctance last November could desert the party after his turbulent first five months. That didn’t happen, which suggests Trump’s support could be more resilient than skeptics think.”

Sean Trende writes, I think it is a bit of a reality check on those who had thought these sorts of Republican voters would be eager to flip.”

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