The Alternative Facts of Kathy Griffin and Hillary Clinton

In January 2017, Kellyanne Conway was ridiculed by the political Left for saying on Meet the Press that White House press secretary Sean Spicer “gave alternative facts” about the size of President Trump’s inauguration crowd.

So, will the political Left ridicule Kathy Griffin and Hillary Clinton for promoting their own alternative facts?

From ABC News, 06/03/17:

“A tearful Kathy Griffin spoke out in response to backlash after she posted a short video of herself holding a decapitated likeness of Donald Trump’s head — saying that the president “broke me” by calling her stunt “sick.”

The photo that Griffin posted sparked an immediate and widespread backlash as well as condemnation from the president, who called her actions “sick” in a tweet. First lady Melania Trump called the image “disturbing” and said it “makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it.”

“I’m gonna be honest, he broke me,” Griffin said Friday of Trump’s response.”

Trump broke Griffin? Seriously? Even Keith Olbermann tweeted that Griffin’s claim was “selfish nonsense”.

As for Hillary Clinton’s alternative facts, syndicated columnist Peggy Noonan has plenty to say about them in her 06-01-17 commentary.

Noonan writes, “Oh my goodness, how she [Clinton] thinks. Oddly, she seemed completely sincere, as if she believes her own story. It tells you something about our own power to hypnotize ourselves, to invent reasons that avoid the real reasons. It is a tribute to the power of human denial. And at first you think: I hope it was cathartic. Maybe these are just stories she tells herself to feel better. But none of this, in truth, is without point. It is purposeful. It is not mere narrative-spinning. It is insisting on alternative facts so that journalists and historians will have to take them into account. It is a monotonous repetition of a certain version of events, which will be amplified, picked up and repeated into the future. And it’s not true.”

In a 06-01-17 political cartoon for the Augusta Chronicle, Cagle cartoonist Rick McKee illustrates Clinton’s folly. You can view McKee’s cartoon by clicking here.

When on Meet the Press Kellyanne Conway declared that Sean Spicer gave alternative facts, Chuck Todd replied, “Alternative facts aren’t facts, they are falsehoods.” The same is true for the alternative facts that Kathy Griffin and Hillary Clinton are trying to sell to the American public.

In Clinton’s case, she is literally trying to sell her alternative facts to the American public. Newsweek reports that Clinton is writing a book that is to be published this fall.

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