A Tale of Two Modern-Day Liberals

Classic liberals are generous with their own money. Modern-day liberals are generous with other people’s money.

In an opinion piece published by USA Today, Democrat senators Chris Coons and Jeff Merkley demonstrate that they are modern-day liberals.

It is the opinion of Coons and Merkley that the U.S. government must use federal tax dollars to help non-Americans who live outside of the USA even when it is not vital to the USA for the U.S. government to do so.

Ah, but according to Coons and Merkley, it is vital to the USA.


It is ridiculous for the U.S. government to borrow money to keep the U.S. government functioning and then to give away that money to foreigners in foreign lands in order to rescue some of those foreigners from chronic problems that those foreign lands are notorious for.

Apparently, it has escaped Coons and Merkley’s attention that it is the job of the U.S. government to take care of U.S. citizens, and the latter aren’t properly taken care of if the former burdens the latter with a massive national debt.

With a national debt approaching $20 trillion and a federal budget deficit approaching $600 billion, U.S. citizens can’t afford to have their federal tax dollars given away in such a manner when private charities are capable of meeting the needs of foreigners that Coons and Merkley are so concerned about.

Indeed, private charities are providing the foreign aid that Coons and Merkley are concerned about.

So, why don’t Coons and Merkley ask Americans to donate to the charities that are doing what Coons and Merkley want done?

Could this be the reason why?

That above-posted graphic is supported by an August 2013 Huffington Post report titled One Thing Red States Do Better Than Blue States. Here is the first paragraph of that report:

“People who live in deeply religious regions of the country — the solid-red states of the Bible Belt and Utah — give more of their income to charity than those who don’t. Of the top 10 most generous states, according to a Chronicle of Philanthropy study based on itemized charitable contributions among people who made at least $50,000, nine voted for Mitt Romney in 2012.”

I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the above-posted statistics by WalletHub and the Huffington Post. However, if those statistics are accurate, then perhaps they explain why Coons and Merkley are modern-day liberals – because they don’t expect blue-state residents to be classic liberals.

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