NBA: Bad Conduct in Oklahoma City?

Fans of the Oklahoma City Thunder have been fuming ever since NBA star Kevin Durant left the Thunder to play for the Golden State Warriors. Thunder fans act out whenever the Warriors are playing in Oklahoma City. Sometimes, the acting out goes too far.

In an article about the 03/20/17 game between the Thunder and the Warriors, sports writer Matt Moore reports, “The cupcake memes were out again, with OKC fans mocking Kevin Durant’s injury.”

Yes, you read right. Thunder fans mocked an injured player’s injury.

In a separate article, Moore writes, “Now, to me, that’s over the line. You’re openly mocking an injured player. Not a player’s weakness, or inability, but him getting hurt while playing the game. That seems too far.”

Do you agree that Thunder fans went too far by mocking Kevin Durant’s injury?

Side Note: Bad conduct from Thunder fans shouldn’t be extrapolated into a negative view of the Thunder franchise. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr calls the Thunder “a class organization all the way.”

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