The Alternate Reality of the Political Right

In a previous post, I talk about the alternate reality of the Political Left. Now, to be fair and balanced, I am going to talk about the alternate reality of the Political Right.

In that alternate reality . . .

#1 The USA is a Christian theocracy. Thus, a prayer in the name of Jesus must be spoken during every public meeting that involves government officials.

Uh … no. The USA isn’t any kind of theocracy. The U.S. Constitution forbids it, just as the U.S. Constitution forbids requiring public servants to pass a religious litmus test.

#2 Abortion and other things must be outlawed because of the way that Christians interpret the Bible.

Uh … no to this, too. The U.S. Constitution forbids laws that are based exclusively on a set of religious beliefs.

#3 The Ten Commandments are the basis of America’s laws. Thus, they must be displayed on government property.

Actually, the Ten Commandments aren’t the basis of America’s laws. Yet, members of the Political Right keep falling for this hoax.

#4 The Confederate flag doesn’t represent racism.

In the real world, the Confederate flag indeed represents racism. That flag was originally put away after the U.S. Civil War. It was brought out again during the Civil Rights Era and used as a symbol of resistance to civil-rights legislation.

Defenders of that flag claim that it represents southern pride, as if the South’s history of racism were something to be proud of.

Is the Confederate flag historical? Yes, it is, just as the Swastika is historical. Both belong in museums, not on flag poles standing on government property.

If individuals want to display the Confederate flag on their private property and in their Internet avatars, then they are free to do so. However, they are fooling themselves if they believe that the flag doesn’t symbolize racism.

Granted, some naive people display that flag because they don’t know any better.

#5 Fossil fuels will last forever. So, the USA needs to produce and sell as much of it as possible.

Mother Nature disagrees, because she isn’t making the stuff faster than Mankind is using it.

The Political Right wants cheap energy and wants it now. So what if future generations of Americans will pay a big price later on? The current Political Right doesn’t expect to be alive when the eventual bill comes due.

As I say in my previous post, I don’t want to write a tome. So, I’ll end my list here.

Sure, members of the Political Right will complain about this post just as members of the Political Left complain about my previous post. Oh well, so be it. I’ll survive the complaints.

What matters to me is that I treat the Political Left and the Political Right equally. I haven’t always done so, much to my regret.

Yes, someone is bound to accuse me of living in my own alternate reality.

Well, of course I do. In my alternate reality, I am rich and famous instead of just good-looking.

Unfortunately, my bank account exists in this reality.

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