Donald Trump is a monster!

When Donald Trump was running for the office of President, I called him a political monster. I was correct, and now, Piers Morgan explains what I mean by that label.

“In some respects, though, I accept that Trump IS a monster. America has never seen someone like him bulldoze his way like this into the White House through sheer monstrous force of personality. He’s done it with an undeniably monstrous ego, monstrous determination, monstrous chutzpah and monstrous doses of political incorrectness. Now he’s applying the same tough, uncompromising strategy to his presidency.”

So, yes, President Trump is a political monster because he often lacks finesse. He isn’t as refined as a seasoned politician such as Hillary Clinton.

Then again, he isn’t as deceptive as her, either. When it comes to who is the POTUS, I prefer someone who is rough but honest over someone who is smooth but deceptive. I am not alone in that preference. On 11/08/16, 30 states chose the former, while 20 states chose the latter, which is why the former is now in the Oval Office instead of the latter.

Sure, someone will cite an alleged monstrosity such as President Trump’s alleged ban on Muslim immigrants.

Except that there is no such ban. That alleged ban is fake news being promoted by the anti-Trump Left. Why? Because President Trump’s temporary halt to immigration pertains to just seven nations: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

If President Trump were going to ban foreign Muslims from entering the USA, then he would have banned immigration from all Muslim-majority nations. According to the University of Michigan website, there are more than 50 Muslim-majority nations in the world.

As for why President Trump temporarily halted immigration from the aforementioned seven nations, former deputy assistant secretary of defense Peter Brookes writes, “All of these countries have one thing in common: terrorism. They may have a terrorist group operating within their borders or may have been slapped with the U.S. State Department’s State Sponsor of Terrorism designation as a country that uses terrorism or supports terrorist groups.”

Writes Washington Times columnist Charles Hurt, “Who, again, was the anti-Muslim bigot who identified these countries as terror hot spots anyway? Oh, that’s right, it was President Obama.”

As immigration-law expert Nolan Rappaport points out, President Trump’s executive order is titled Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States, and President Trump’s executive order is the implementation of a preexisting federal law called the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Was the implementation done is a clumsy way? Yes. However, there is nothing sinister about the reason for the implementation.

Well, what about President Trump’s anti-Hispanic bigotry?

That, too, is fake news. President Trump isn’t trying to prevent Hispanic foreigners from entering the USA through legal means, and he isn’t trying to deport Hispanic immigrants who are in the USA legally. Again, President Trump merely wants to enforce federal immigration laws that existed before he was elected.

One would have to do all sorts of mental gymnastics to believe that President Trump’s enforcement of preexisting federal law is evil or un-American.

Seriously, members of the anti-Trump Left accuse President Trump of being hateful when it is they who have been drinking the Haterade.

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