The Litany Of “Worsts” Begins

We’ve been telling all y’all this for the longest time..

Obama scores the worst legislative record in history

Signed fewer bills into law than one-term[-wonder] Carter

By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times

President Obama oversaw the deepest legislative malaise in modern political history, according to the Washington Times Legislative Index, which captures his struggles to find ways to work with a Congress that ranged from lukewarm to openly hostile toward him.
Over the course of his eight years, he has signed just 1,227 bills into law — less, even, than one-term Presidents Carter and George H.W. Bush. Digging deeper into the numbers, Congress spent less time in session, handled fewer business on the chamber floors and generally sputtered for much of Mr. Obama’s tenure, according to The Times’ index.

He built that!

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