About Those Inauguration-Skipping Democrat Congressmen

ABC News has reported that more than 50 Democrat members of Congress will be skipping this week’s presidential inauguration.

In other words, those Democrats are taking their balls and going home . . . except that they have no balls to begin with. Although they represent their congressional districts, they are still in the congressional minority. As such, they are not all that powerful.

Perhaps those Democrats are pleasing their political base, but what they are doing will have no effect on Donald Trump. Indeed, it is not as if those Democrats will be missed.

As for why they are skipping the inauguration, several of those Democrats are citing Trump’s response to Congressman John Lewis’ attack on Trump’s presidency.

For example . . .

Rep. Clarke is wrong for two reason.

#1 – Trump criticized John Lewis the Congressman, not John Lewis the Civil-Rights hero. That is a point that the protesting Democrats have overlooked. Being a member of Congress makes one fair game no matter what one might have done before becoming a member of Congress.

#2 – John Lewis insulted both Donald Trump and the voters of the 30 states in which Trump won. No, Trump’s presidency isn’t illegitimate despite what the anti-Trump whiners keep claiming.

Financial columnist Liz Peek explains why John Lewis is wrong about Trump’s presidency:

Lewis’ comment not only verges on unpatriotic, it is also wrong. The Russians did not destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton did.

Moscow did not invent the disgraceful collusion between Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the supposedly neutral DNC to undermine rival Bernie Sanders.

Putin did not write the emails revealing the Clinton camp’s derisive attitude towards people of faith, or the degree to which Hillary cynically shifted positions to better accommodate polls. They didn’t author the speech in which she said “you need both a public and a private position” on policy or the one in which she said she dreamt of “a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders.”

No, Russia did not create these embarrassments for Clinton. Putin et al did help make them public, but they only confirmed what most Americans already thought of Hillary Clinton. More important, Moscow did not manipulate Hillary Clinton into using the several private email servers that had but one purpose: to avoid public scrutiny.

As for the protests of Trump’s presidency, political satirist Greg Gutfeld has this to say:

“These pathetic tantrums might have worked in the 1990s, but now they come off as the opposite of persuasion. The world has seen this all before, and after eight years of fomented fury, we know it’s all orchestrated baloney with no substance behind it. And so as we approach the inauguration, such tantrums will grow more intense, but less and less interesting. They will feel as old and clunky as a disposable camera, or that stack of VHS tapes you once used to record your favorite episodes of “Get A Life.””

As for those Democrat Congressmen who are skipping the inauguration, they may believe that they are doing something significant, but in the long run, the result of their behavior will be this:

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