Truth Poisons Democrats

One again a Democrat politician is promoting the Russia-elected-Trump canard.

From The Hill: “[Sen. Dianne] Feinstein, the ranking member of the Intelligence Committee, said “I do. I believe that” Russia’s interference altered the outcome of the election.”

Once again, let’s go over the allegations as stated in the previously-reported Intelligence Community Assessment.

  1. Russians gained information about the Clinton campaign via hacking.
  2. Russians gave that information to WikiLeaks.
  3. WikiLeaks gave that information to the public.
  4. That information was not fictitious.

In short, American voters were given facts about the Clinton campaign.

More from The Hill: ““I think that, and I think the FBI, in the October surprise — I call it an October surprise, of announcing a subsequent investigation [into Hillary Clinton’s private email server], did have an impact,” Feinstein told NBC’s “Meet the Press.””

Once again, let’s go over the facts about that particular case.

  1. Hillary Clinton had an unauthorized private server set up in her home.
  2. Classified government information passed through that server.
  3. Some of that classified information ended up on a laptop computer that Clinton aide Huma Abedin shared with her husband Anthony Weiner.

In short, FBI Director James Comey gave facts to Congress.

Now, who is responsible for the existence of the above-mentioned facts?

American voters were told the truth regardless of how the truth was told.

Congress was told the truth, too.

Here is another fact to be considered: That Intelligence Community Assessment says that Russian hackers did not hack into systems that were used to count the votes on Election Day 2016. Thus, Americans elected Donald Trump, not Russians.

What Senator Feinstein and other congressional Democrats are claiming is this: American voters based their votes on facts about Hillary Clinton and her campaign – facts made public before the election took place instead of afterwards.

Democrats might claim that they want the truth, but in this case, the truth is poison to them.

As Colonel Nathan R. Jessup would say to them . . .

That is why Democrats keep making the false claim that Donald Trump’s presidency isn’t legitimate.

If Democrats keep swimming in denial, then they had better watch out for crocodiles.

The above post was originally published @ The Moderate Voice, where Democrat readers aren’t hesitating to complain about my post.

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