A reporter said what???!!!

With all of the partisan bickering going on, we could use a chuckle to lighten the mood.

Here is one that should do the trick.

In a story about Oklahoma’s new license plate – which features a scissor-tailed flycatcher – KOTV reporter Rick Wells writes, “You don’t have to get a new plate right away; instead, when your current one expires, go to a tag agent, pay the renewal fee and they’ll give you the bird.”

The Urban Dictionary defines “give the bird” as “to make a very impolite sign by raising your middle finger towards someone in order to show that you are angry with them”.

This situation is reminiscent of the first-ever cartoon featuring Tweety Bird.

In the cartoon, cats Babbit and Catstello are trying to catch and eat Tweety. One scene goes like this:

Babbit meant a literal bird, but Catstello wanted to give Babbit the other kind of bird.

Hopefully, Oklahoma motorists won’t be given the latter when they go to buy new license plates for their vehicles.

* According to Britannica.com, the Hays Office was an organization “that promulgated a moral code for films” and “in 1930 developed the Production Code, which detailed what was morally acceptable on the screen.”

Blogging Note: A Tale of Two Kitties – the first-ever cartoon featuring Tweety Bird – is in the public domain, which is why images from that cartoon can be featured in this post.

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