Obsolescence Overtakes The LameStream Media

They’re headed the way of the buggy whip industry, and in truly ironic justice, they chose the form of their destroyer.



The Trump Nail in the Media Coffin

By Victor Davis Hanson, TownHall

President-elect Donald Trump probably will not often communicate with the nation via traditional press conferences. Nor will Trump likely field many questions from New York/Washington journalists.

What we know as “the media” never imagined a Trump victory. It has become unhinged at the reality of a Trump presidency.

No wonder the fading establishment media is now distrusted by a majority of the public, according to Gallup — and becoming irrelevant even among progressives.

Read the whole thing.  It is sweet chewy schadenfreude.

They sold their professionalism to the Democrats; both sides are getting what they richly deserve.

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