Left-Wing Meltdown Is Entertaining

Who needs TV Christmas specials this year when the ongoing Left-wing meltdown is providing plenty of entertainment?

How silly is the Left? let me count the ways.

Washington Examiner columnist Noemie Emery writes, “A month after the surprise election of Donald Trump in November (surprising to no one more than to Trump and Clinton), the losers are still working through the stages of anguish in ways that seem strange to many observers but of which they appear oddly proud. . . Professional women all over the country are making a brave stand to protest Trump’s election by doing hideous things to their hair. . . Somehow the logic of making themselves ugly in the interests of spiting a well-know connoisseur of feminine pulchritude just seemed the right thing to do.”

“I’m going to protest Trump’s election by dying my hair!”

Considering all of the things that Americans do to their hair nowadays, dying one’s hair in protest is mundane.

Dying one’s hare, on the other hand, would definitely attract attention . . .

. . . but I digress.

A letter to the editor of the Tulsa World has its own comical musing: “I’m still in disbelief that it’s true, but Donald Trump is it. I figured after the election, I could safely watch television again, but the fiasco continues. It started with his two biggies: The wall and immigration. The wall, enough said on that subject. Concerning immigration, the first thing I thought is, “Where’s he going to get his next wife?” We can’t discuss the rest of my thoughts in a public forum.”

“President Trump means no more immigration to the USA!”

Over at PJ Media, Andrew Klavan writes the following:

“Neither the left nor the right has a monopoly on dishonesty, hypocrisy, or hyperbole. But there is at least one unpleasant trait that seems to reside almost exclusively in the hearts of leftists: a puling hysterical weakness in the face of setbacks and defeat. . . When Obama was reelected over Mitt Romney, a much wiser, more adult, and steadier hand, I was dismayed. I was saddened. I was even distraught. But I did not become a sniveling, whiny, self-obsessed pansy. I did not, that is to say, behave like leftists are behaving now. I did not cry. I did not protest. I did not demand a recount. I did not urge electors to betray the voters. I did not say Obama was not my president. I respected the will of the people, even though I found it hard to respect the people whose will it was. But the left? Never mind the college snowflakes who can’t even hear an idea they disagree with without retreating to a safe space. What about the adults? The New York Times, a former newspaper, now reads like a 12-year-old girls’ sleepover after a mouse got in. It’s embarrassing. “How to Cope With Trump?” “Trump’s Threat to the Constitution?” “Trump’s Agents of Idiocracy! “The guy hasn’t even done anything yet!”

Now, we are being treated to a Left-Wing comedy special in which we are being told, “The Russians elected Trump!”

It wasn’t the Russians who told all Americans that Hillary Clinton used a private Internet server while she was the U.S. Secretary of State. That information was revealed by the New York Times. It was then that Clinton’s chance at becoming the next POTUS went downhill.

So, are we to claim that the New York Times colluded to get Trump elected? Well, why not? That revelation by the NYT did far more political damage to Clinton than anything revealed by Wikileaks.

So, why is the Left-wing meltdown occurring? Ben Stein has an answer:

“The real problem is not Trump. The problem is the big, spoiled, sulking babies of the left who cannot believe that America made up its own mind instead of following their orders. They are the control freaks, not Trump. Look, he wasn’t my first choice either. But he’s the guy now. Who does it help to scream and fuss and sulk, at this point? He’s here. He’s not queer. He won. You’ll have plenty of other chances to get even.”

Yep, the Left-wing meltdown is entertaining, and there is more of it to come.

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