Weekly Standard Doing Damage Control?

Is The Weekly Standard doing damage control?

From CNN: “William Kristol, the founding editor of The Weekly Standard, a leading neoconservative voice for more than two decades, is stepping down and will become editor-at-large.”

Now, why would Kristol need to stop being the leader of that publication?

From The Hill: “Kristol, 63, has been a staunch critic of President-elect Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy, even going so far as to actively search for an independent candidate, ultimately drafting former CIA operative Evan McMullin.”

From Politico: “Kristol battled Trump in his magazine, on television and on his quirky Twitter account, emerging as generalissimo of the #NeverTrump movement as he called the mogul “loathsome,” “a con man” and “a charlatan and a demagogue” who is “soiling the robe of conservatism.””

On 11/08/16, Kristol posted a note on The Weekly Standard website, in which Kristol says, “I’m lucky I had a chance to stand with so many allies, known and unknown, in the effort that came to be called #NeverTrump. In Donald J. Trump we faced a candidate who is a repulsive person, with dangerous prejudices, who’s unfit to be president. Whatever the results tomorrow, I’m proud to have been a part of the opposition to him. We chose to fight and we were right to do so.”

Trump’s presidential victory has left Kristol in a difficult position with the political Right. Whereas others on the political Right have made peace with Trump, there is no sign that Kristol has done so.

Trump has a history of counter-punching any publication that riles him, and if Kristol were still leading The Weekly Standard, then it’s writers might have difficulty dealing with the Trump Administration.

Sure, there may be a legitimate non-Trump reason for Kristol’s change of occupation, but the timing of the change makes it appear suspicious.

What is certain is that Trump’s victory busted Kristol’s bubble.

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