Everybody Knows BMD Is Impossible

Everyone knows you can’t hit a bullet with a bullet.  Except we can and have been able to for quite a while, and the ability is expanding.

The Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency Will Test-Fire its New Larger SM-3IIA Interceptor Missile in Space

The SM-3 IIA can hit bigger targets, such as incoming enemy ballistic missiles, at longer distances than previous SM-3 interceptor missiles

By Kris Osborne, ScoutWarrior

he Missile Defense Agency and Raytheon will soon fire fire a new SM-3 missile variant into space to destroy an approaching enemy missile target – as a way to develop a new interceptor better able to detect and destroy ballistic missile threats approaching the earth’s atmosphere from space.
The new missile, called the SM-3IIA, is slated to fire from a land-based missile defense site planned by the Pentagon for Poland by 2018, a Missile Defense Agency spokesman, told Scout Warrior in a statement.
SM-3 missiles, first deployed on Navy ships, are exo-atmospheric interceptor missiles designed to destroy short and intermediate range incoming enemy ballistic missiles in above the earth’s atmosphere. With the weapon, threats are destroyed in space during what’s described as the mid-course phase of flight.
“The SM-3 Block IIA missile is beingThe SM-3 IIA guided missile is a larger version of the SM-3 IB in terms of boosters and the kinetic warhead, which allows for increased operating time. The second and third stage boosters on the SM-IIA are 21″ in diameter,allowing for longer flight times and engagements of threats higher in the exo-atmosphere,” Missile Defense Agency spokesman Christopher Szkrybalo told Scout Warrior in a statement
The SM-3 Block IIA is jointly developed by the U.S. and Japan. The U.S. and Japan are working together to prepare for the next flight test ofthe SM3-IIA, designated SFTM-01, Missile Defense Agency officials told Scout Warrior.

Science Fiction…  Boondoogle…  Impossible…


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