The Fruits of Compassionate Open Borders

As discussed here and here just over a year ago, the mass importation of mohammedean “refugees” is a bad idea.

There is now a blood price associated with this folly:

Update on Ohio State “Shooter:” No Mention of Gunshot Wounds Following Attack; Suspect Identified as 20 Year Old Somali [Refugee] Man

By Ace, Ace of Spades HQ

Apparently he wasn’t a shooter– though the media of course leaped to describe him as such.

He was armed, jihadi style, with a car and a knife.

A suspect was shot dead by police after he allegedly plowed into pedestrians with a car and then stabbed multiple people with a butcher’s knife at the Ohio State University campus in Columbus, Ohio, this morning, the university said. The scene is now secure, officials say.

The would-be killer is being described as a “Somali refugee.”

A car rammed into a crowd at Ohio State University on Monday, and a knife-wielding attacker got out and cut people before being shot to death, authorities said. Ten people were hospitalized, including one in critical condition.The dead attacker was believed to be an Ohio State student — a Somali refugee who lived near campus, NBC News reported. It said he was a legal permanent resident of the U.S.

I think it’s the right time to say “The FBI is not characterizing this as a terrorist attack and has no hints about the suspect’s motives.” Might as well just get it out there early.

I think it was John Schindler who pointed out that if ISIS, Al Qaeda, and jihadis generally wanted to swing the election to Trump — as Hillary claimed they wanted — they could have easily mounted terrorist attacks the week before the election to do so.

Clearly, the candidate for President of the United States preferred by the terrorists went down to defeat.

This was both entirely foreseeable and foretold.

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