The True Obama Legacy

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“80 percent of the population [of the United States will be] living in a state either all or partially controlled by Republicans [in 2017].”

These 3 maps show just how dominant Republicans are in America after Tuesday

This post has been updated with the latest on the Connecticut state Senate. Republicans manged to make that chamber an 18-18 tie, but since the president of the state Senate is a Democrat (Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman), the tie goes to Democrats. 

By Amber Phillips, the Washington comPost 

When it comes to control of state government, Republicans dominated at record levels during the Obama years. On Tuesday, they somehow managed to become even more dominant.

In part because Americans like a check and balance on their president, in part because Republicans played their cards right, Republicans grabbed more of America’s statehouses and governor’s mansions during the Obama administration than at any time in the modern era. And they held onto those majorities Tuesday.

Results are still trickling in, but it looks like Republicans will still control an all-time high 69 of 99 state legislative chambers. They’ll hold at least 33 governorships, tying a 94-year-old record.

That means that come 2017, they’ll have total control of government in at least 25 states, and partial control in 20 states. According to population calculations by the conservative group Americans for Tax Reform, that translates to roughly 80 percent of the population living in a state either all or partially controlled by Republicans.


That’s quite a legacy Barry. Is it the Change you Hoped for?


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