We Live In Interesting Times

Ed Driscoll writing at Instapundit draws our attention to Neo-Neocon.

Another rant from a liberal, plus some words of hope

By Neo-Neocon

I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon among some of my liberal friends, as well. Although some are still reeling and understandably frightened of the loose cannon Trump and some of his more extreme campaign promises/threats, others have made a quick adjustment. Surprisingly quick.

I know that this is the traditional honeymoon period for a president-elect. But whatever honeymoon aspects this has—and it most definitely has some—are further enhanced by the fact that this was a honeymoon that was unexpected and unplanned by most people. It’s as though we expected to spend some time in the hospital having a colonoscopy, and after doing all the nasty prep and getting to the point of lying in the hospital room with the IV about to be inserted, instead a brass band came into the room and the drum majorette announces that we need to get up, because instead we’ve won a free trip to a luxury resort in Hawaii.

Now, that resort might be a bit tawdry. It may not be the exactly perfect hotel we would have chosen it we’d had our druthers. But hey, it’s a whole lot better than that colonoscopy.

Regular readers here know that I have never been a fan nor supporter of the President Elect.  That he was less bad than the candidate offered by the Dhimmocrats was, in my estimation, less than sufficient grounds to support him.  By the same token, I am by no means displeased with the results of Election 2016.

The Republicans will hold the Presidency, the Senate, and the House for at least the next two years.  Given that the Dhimmocrats will have to defend 25 Senate Seats in 2018 and the low turnover rate in the House, things don’t look promising for team jackass.

Now consider the precedents set by the Dhimmocrats that will come back to bite them.  Every Executive Order or Executive Agreement not ratified by the Senate can be reversed with a stroke of the new President’s pen.  Harry Reid’s exercise of the Nuclear Option means that the new President’s Supreme Court picks will not be subject to filibuster.

As regards the sitting President’s failures to uphold his oath and enforce the laws, those laws remain on the books and can be immediately enforced by the new President.  I’ll also be watching to see if the new President keeps his promise as regards a Special Prosecutor for the egregious violations of the National Security Act and Official Records act documented by Director Comey of the FBI.  Even more interesting will be the results of the ongoing investigations into the Clinton Slush Fund and Privileged Access program documented in the Wikileaks.

I find that I agree with Ed’s close to his wrapper of Neo-Neocon’s piece:

Yesterday, a few hours before Neo sent me a link to her new post, I was telling my wife that I left California in March firmly convinced that Hillary had the election in the bag, but Texas would be a bit behind the lines during the top-down culture war that was sure to come, along with Hillary packing the Supreme Court with far left socialists for a generation. Knowing those particular boulders have been dodged make the move now feel that much more fun. Going forward, lefties can and will continue to do considerable damage to the country (see also: the crazy propaganda the left disseminated during the Nixon administration), but at least the White House won’t be leading the charge for at least the next four years.

Interesting times indeed.

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