Why Clinton Lost

Hillary Clinton by Voice of America

Myriads of Clinton supporters have chimed in on why Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election.

Among the reasons cited, I have yet to read one which, in my opinion, accurately reflects the real reason why Clinton lost.

Why did Clinton lose?

To me, the answer is simple.

She lost because of her dishonesty.

That dishonesty was apparent to people who didn’t have partisan or ideological blinders on.

News of the Obvious

Clinton was more Nixonesque than President Nixon, but she wasn’t as slick as her husband, who committed perjury while he was in the Oval Office and got away with it.

Perhaps voters in 20 states wanted another corrupt politician in the Oval Office, but voters in 30 states didn’t.

That is why the states elected Trump instead of Clinton.

By the way, it would be a mistake to eliminate the Electoral College in response to Clinton’s loss, as the USA Today editorial board has pointed out.

States the editorial board, “Democrats are the wounded party now, but going into this election they thought they had a “blue firewall” of states that gave them a big Electoral College advantage. The way to win is to run better campaigns and better candidates under the existing rules, not try to change the rules after a painful loss.”

For what it’s worth, that the same editorial board didn’t want Trump in the Oval Office.

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