The Republic is Saved…for Now

In a spectacular upset, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become the 45th president-elect of the United States. Though polls showed a tightening race in the days before the election, conventional wisdom put the smart money on a Clinton victory. Even snippets of exit polling that the MSM released were mostly in Clinton’s favor. In an unprecedented onslaught from the MSM, which gave up any pretense of objectivity, every effort was made to prevent a Trump victory. Leading figures in his own party opposed him, and a body of conservatives joined the Never-Trump movement with some of them even endorsing Clinton. The fact that this maverick triumphed over them all makes this one of the more significant elections in American history.

Trump’s victory speech was conciliatory, and he promised to do what he could to unite Americans. That may have been an attempt at sounding presidential, but liberals will have none of it. They will oppose him at every turn, and if you think the level of hatred directed at President George W. Bush was intense, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. They’ll be foaming at the mouth that somebody as “disgusting” as Trump triumphed over their corrupt standard-bearer. Expect the Democrats to filibuster every SCOTUS nominee that President Trump produces. The GOP will most certainly have to nuke the filibuster option if any of Trump’s nominees are to receive the Senate’s consent to serve. There will be no political healing. This may be a brawl of unprecedented proportions. The GOP will have to take off the gloves and fight the liberals with equal vigor. Otherwise, they’ll follow the lead of the GOPe and lose everything the next time around. Republicans are accustomed to caving in to the media and Democrats, so I’ll not be holding my breath in that regard.

Trump will need to fulfill his campaign promises to fight against illegal immigration, appoint conservative judges, work trade agreements that advance American interests, revive the economy, end Obamacare etc. The Americans who voted for him will turn on him immediately if he backs away from his promises. He will most certainly be a one-term president if he thinks he can play nice with liberals and advance his agenda.

As conservatives, we wish Donald Trump well. At the very least, if he is able to appoint a number of judges to ensure a conservative majority, our constitutional republic should be secure for several decades (barring catastrophes, of course). His liberal sympathies on several issues guarantee opposition from conservatives, but with Trump, there is at least some hope that things will get better. With Clinton, to use one of Trump’s favorite words, we’d get a disaster.

Mr. Trump, if you keep your word, those who supported you will work to get you re-elected, but that’s down the road. For now, we congratulate you on your epic triumph.

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