What if Clinton wins? Then what?

What if Hillary Clinton is elected the next POTUS? Then what?

Anyone who has read my previous posts should already know that a Clinton victory is something that I do NOT want.

Only an idiot would conclude that I would vote for Clinton or want her to win.

So, how should an anti-Clinton voter like me respond if Clinton wins?

Besides having a stiff drink afterwards.

The answer is . . .

No, I won’t be acting like a paranoid android.

Also, I won’t panic because I have a towel.

Besides, Hillary Clinton is no Vogon. At least I don’t think she is. I never heard any of her poetry.

Anyway, I am prepared for a Hillary presidency because I have my survival guide.

Granted, not every anti-Hillary voter will agree with my response to a Hillary presidency, but at least I won’t be needing a whaaambulance.


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