What If Trump Wins? Then What?

What if Donald Trump wins on November 8th? What if he defies the odds and is elected the next POTUS? Then what?

How would Hillary Clinton’s supporters react?

Would they accuse the people who voted for Trump of being misogynists and racists?

Or would they acknowledge that the latter simply believe that Hillary Clinton is worse than Trump?

In a New York Post article, Rich Lowery writes, “The country has clearly lowered its standards in this election, and Donald Trump’s madcap candidacy provides evidence of that almost every day. But Hillary’s nomination was itself an offense against American political norms and an incredibly reckless act. And the Democrats were supposed to be the party acting rationally.”

Indeed, it was a reckless act for the Democratic Party to nominate Hillary Clinton.

If Clinton loses, then it won’t be because Trump had the support of misogynists and racists. Indeed, it would be foolish at best to call those who vote for Trump such things.

The support that Trump has been getting is the result of people having legitimate grievances – grievances that Clinton’s supporters gloss over.

The complaints that Trump’s supporters make about Clinton’s character are legitimate, too.

If Trump wins, then it won’t be because there is something wrong with more than half of American voters.

It will be because there is something seriously wrong with Hillary Clinton.

Would Clinton’s supporters acknowledge the latter? At this point in time, I doubt it.

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