GOP implosion Was Inevitable

The implosion of the Republican Party was inevitable.

I say that after observing what has been happening within the GOP for the past decade.

What I have noticed is that the GOP is filled with members who are angry because they haven’t gotten their way with the federal government.

These members are under the impression that they must have their way even if their way is the minority way.

The GOP leaders in Congress know that they can’t force a minority way onto the rest of Congress, let alone onto the entire nation. The idea of minority rule doesn’t sit well with most Americans, and GOP leaders know it.

So, GOP leaders have to be pragmatic and work to get what they can get.

That bit of reality doesn’t compute with the GOP idealists who fail to understand that their view isn’t necessarily the majority view.

The idealists respond by proclaiming, “Our way or the highway!”

Thus, the idealists launched their goal of throwing out the GOP officials who don’t deliver what the idealists want, even if such a delivery is politically impossible.

Such GOP officials are what the idealists call the “Establishment”.

When it came time to select a 2016 GOP presidential nominee, the idealists didn’t want to select someone who was “Establishment”. They didn’t want to select a seasoned statesman who knows the score in D.C. Instead, they wanted to select a maverick outsider who, by the sheer force of his personality, could force his will onto Congress.

Thus, the 2016 GOP presidential candidates were whittled down to two idealists, one being the GOP version of Major Frank Burns, the other being the GOP version of Mr. Burns of The Simpsons.

The rich dude was victorious over Ferret Face.

Now, the rich dude has been unmasked.

In response to the unmasking, the pragmatic Republicans in Congress have taken a cue from Homer Simpson.

Now, a fight is on between the “Establishment” Republicans who are trying to do damage control and the Trump supporters who have yet to figure out that they are supporting the most radioactive presidential candidate in GOP history.

Only time will tell what the fallout from this nuclear implosion will be.

One can imagine that Trump’s supporters will do as Major Kong does in Dr. Strangelove.

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