Never Count Your Chickens (or Your Elections) Before They Hatch

Folks on the Left are getting jittery about Clinton’s prospects in November. Polls continue to show a tightening race and some have Trump leading. Liberals are increasingly anxious about the election, and several analysts are pointing to Clinton’s health as the reason behind the recent plunge in the peso (meaning, of course, that Mexican investors aren’t too skeptical of a Trump victory). Trump continues to draw thousands to his rallies while Clinton was able to muster some 600 at a university with over 30k students.

trump        hillary

However, it is much too early for Trump supporters to play Taps on the Clinton campaign. In spite of her corruption and very obvious dishonesty, she can be a smooth talker, and the pending debates may be just what she needs to revive a campaign that appears to be languishing. She’s been in politics long enough to know how to package herself and can speak competently enough to convince the ignorant that she knows what she’s talking about. The interest in Trump (for better or for worse) will likely draw huge ratings for the debates, so this presents a major opportunity for both sides to connect with undecided voters. If Hillary manages to make it though a debate in a halfway adequate fashion, the press will trumpet her Resurrection and will carpet-bomb the country with expert opinions and push polls to “prove” that the debates were no-contests in Clinton’s favor.

I realize that it’s a common political tactic to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses to the maximum degree, so it makes sense to continue to sow doubt about Clinton’s health, her honesty and her gross incompetence in handling our nation’s secrets. But the Trump campaign will do well to present a presidential Trump (if such is possible, to skeptical American’s who will be listening in). Trump supporters are intensely committed to his victory, but they’ll need the majority of the middle ground to get across the goal line. I’m as right-wing as they come, but if Trumpsters think the cat is in the bag, the Clintons have proved to be cats with nine lives. This one isn’t nearly in the bag…yet. Nobody on either side should forget…


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