Phyllis Schlafly Was No Saint

The death of Phyllis Schlafly will no doubt be followed by certain parties on the Far Right singing her praises.

Those who join that choir will be as off key as Schlafly was.

Contrary to the opinion of those who fawned over her, Phyllis Schlafly was no saint.

Whatever good (if any) that Schlafly did during the 20th Century has been overshadowed by her 21st-Century foibles.

While George W. Bush occupied the Oval Office, Schlafly accused him of secretly plotting with the leaders of Canada and Mexico to form something called the “North American Union”.

Schlafly supported Jerome Corsi’s claim that Bush was “pursuing a globalist agenda to create a North American Union, effectively erasing our borders with both Mexico and Canada.”

Schlafly’s promotion of a debunked conspiracy theory may have been forgotten, but her xenophobia was too recent to be swept under the rug.

Unlike Donald Trump, who simply wants to put a stop to illegal entry into the USA by foreigners, Schlafly wanted all immigration into USA to be stopped. Breitbart quotes Schlafly as saying, “If we don’t stop immigration—this torrent of immigrants coming in—we’re not going to be America anymore because most of the people coming in have no experience with limited government. They don’t know what that is. They look to the government to solve all of their problems, and as soon as we have a high majority of people who think that, it’s going to be a different country.”

Phyllis Schlafly’s last few months included a fall-out that she had with the Eagle Forum Executive Board, which consisted of Schlafly and six other people. During a meeting on 04/11/16, the Board voted 6 to 1 to remove Ed Martin as president of Eagle Forum. The one vote against the removal came from Schlafly. The day before the meeting, Schlafly asked the other six members to resign.

For those not familiar with Schlafly, Wikiquote provides some of her memorable statements. The first statement cited is this one: “Non-criminal sexual harassment on the job is not a problem for the virtuous woman except in the rarest of cases.”

Apparently, Schlafly forgot to tell that to Gretchen Carlson.

Side Note: Over at the Huffington Post, Jenavieve Hatch criticizes those who applaud Schlafly’s death. She writes, “Applauding Schlafly’s death, or any other kind of violent and excessive response, is unnecessary when her legacy is already so ugly.”

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