Great Wall of Trump

The Great Wall that Donald Trump wants built across the USA’s southern border is idealistic. It would be reasonable to ask if such a Great Wall would be feasible.

Let’s start with the length that Trump’s Great Wall would have to be. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the USA has 1,989 miles of border with Mexico.

Then there is the climate that the border passes through. It is no secret that the USA’s southern border passes through the hottest and driest part of the nation.

The cost of building such a wall alone is way beyond what the American public is willing to pay.

Sure, Trump insists that either Mexico will pay for the wall, or the money for the wall will come from money seized from drug cartels.

No, the U.S. government won’t seize enough money from drug cartels to pay for such a wall. If Trump believes that Mexico will pay for it, then he is living in his own alternate reality.

Then there is ability to adequately guard such a wall. It would take considerable manpower to guard all 1,989 miles around the clock. The federal government would have to offer significantly-large salaries to get anyone interested in standing guard in that climate. Again, the cost of manning all 1,989 miles is beyond what the American public is willing to pay.

So, the feasibility of building Trump’s wall is non-existent, which explains why GOP leaders didn’t promote such a wall when the GOP controlled both houses of Congress and the White House.

Out of fairness to Trump, it should be said that his desire for such a wall isn’t due to any evil intention on his part, despite what members of the political Left claim.

His goal is to stop the violation of federal law. However, that goal isn’t attainable in the way that Trump is promoting.

Reality isn’t always pleasant, and political leaders need to admit to reality even when it isn’t pleasant.

The federal government will have to find another way of minimizing the violation of U.S. immigration laws, because the Great Wall of Trump is one fairy tale that not even Shrek would be a part of.

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