Unpopular Hillary Now More Unpopular

How unpopular is Hillary Clinton?

The Hill reports how unpopular that she has become:

“Hillary Clinton’s image is at its lowest point with Americans in her 25 years of public service, according to a new poll. Fifty-six percent of U.S. adults view the Democratic presidential nominee unfavorably in The Washington Post/ABC News survey released Wednesday.”

ABC News elaborates:

“Notably, Clinton’s popularity among women has flipped from 54-43 percent favorable-unfavorable last month to 45-52 percent now; it’s the first time in a year that most women have viewed her unfavorably.

Clinton’s favorable-unfavorable rating has also flipped among those with postgraduate degrees, from 60-39 percent in early August to 47-51 percent now. She’s now back to about where she was among postgrads in July.

She has gone from about an even split among moderates, 50-48 percent favorable-unfavorable, to a more lopsided 41-56 percent now. Among liberals, she’s dropped from 76 favorable to 63 percent favorable. And among nonwhites she’s fallen from 73 to 62 percent favorable, largely due to a 16-point drop, to 55 percent, among Hispanics.

Clinton couldn’t get much less popular among Republicans, 88 percent of whom see her unfavorably. But she’s also lost 8 points in this measure among independents (to 31 percent) and among Democrats (to 79 percent, versus Trump’s 72 percent among Republicans).”

Just what would provoke such a rise in the level of Clinton’s unpopularity?

Cleveland Plain Dealer deputy editorial page editor Kevin O’Brien explains:

“There’s no new lesson to learn from plumbing the depths of Hillary Clinton’s corruption or marveling at the heights of her mendacity. She’s as dirty as the day is long, and has been since the day she wriggled out of the Arkansas mud to become a public figure. This we knew. All we’re getting now are more accurate readings of how low she has gone.”

It is not that Clinton has suddenly become corrupt, but rather that more of her corruption has been exposed to the public.

O’Brien links to a Daily Signal story that reminds people of Clinton’s previous corruption when she was the First Lady.

Investor’s Business Daily editorial writer Kerry Jackson summarizes, “Doesn’t just about everyone at this point expect Bill and Hillary to cheat and lie? Hasn’t “Cover-Up” become the Clintons’ shared middle name?”

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