Stein the Presidential Candidate

Retired physician and Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is spinning a fairy tale. That is the opinion expressed in a Washington Post editorial.

From the editorial:

“Ms. Stein’s policy ideas are poorly formed and wildly impractical. Her “activist” approach, she said, involves building “broad coalitions,” but she criticized Hillary Clinton for reaching out to Republicans. She proposes to end all use of coal, oil, gasoline and nuclear power by 2030, guaranteeing a federal job to anyone who wants one along the way, and says she can accomplish this revolution for $500 billion — less than the cost of President Obama’s 2009 stimulus. Even this trifle would be recouped in health savings, she said, as her “Green New Deal” reduced the incidence of asthma, diabetes and other illnesses.

There would no doubt be health benefits. But Ms. Stein is nevertheless spinning up a fairy tale — an appealing fairy tale to some, but still a fairy tale. To support the feasibility of her plan, Ms. Stein cited experts whose models in fact envision an energy transition taking decades longer than she posits. To support her health prognostication, she improbably cited Cuba’s experience losing access to Russian oil after the fall of the Soviet Union, after which, she pointed out, Cubans became healthier. In fact, they became healthier because they could no longer afford to smoke or drink alcohol and because so many involuntarily lost weight. “Cubans survived drinking sugared water, and eating anything they could get their hands on, including domestic pets and the animals in the Havana Zoo,” Richard Schiffman recounted in the Atlantic. “They became virtual vegans overnight.””

End all use of coal, oil, gasoline and nuclear power by 2030? That is one fantasy that not even Mr. Roarke could deliver.

“Don’t let Jill Stein on the island. Her fantasies are impossible even for us.”

Dana Milbank points out other flaws in Stein’s candidacy: “Stein complained about the 15 percent polling threshold keeping her and Libertarian Gary Johnson out of the presidential debates. But can she expect more than her 3 percent when she talks of boycotting Israel, spreads unwarranted fears about vaccines and WiFi, and has a running mate — Ajamu Baraka — who called President Obama an Uncle Tom?”

Stein spreads unwarranted fears about vaccines and WiFi? If Americans wanted a quack to be the next POTUS, then they would elect the AFLAC duck. At least his speeches would be short and to the point.

CNN Money gives details on what free stuff that Stein wants to give to voters, such as free universal child care and tuition-free public colleges and universities for undergraduates.

How does she plan to pay for all of this free stuff? By taxing the hell out of the wealthiest Americans.

Stein is so green with wealth envy that she would fit in at Kermit the Frog’s family reunions.

“Cousin Jill, is that you?”

Anyway, there you have an introduction to Jill Stein, the presidential candidate who wants Americans to experience Cuba without having to go there.

This writer would rather go to Disneyland. The fairy tales there are better.

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