Criticism of Hillary Clinton Gone Too Far

When it comes to criticism of Hillary Clinton, this writer doesn’t shy away from it whenever he thinks the criticism is valid. However, there are times when criticism of Clinton goes beyond the pale.

For example, over at The American Mirror, Kyle Olson is obsessed about the fact that Clinton will take a four-day break from campaigning from 08/18/16 to 08/21/16. Olson writes, “Hillary Clinton just wrapped up her one public appearance for the day, and she has nothing else scheduled until Sunday. With 83 days to go, what’s she doing for the next 96 hours?”

Here is an appropriate answer to Olson’s question: “Kyle, it is none of your damn business what Clinton does whenever she takes a break from campaigning, and there is nothing wrong with her taking a four-day break.”

Then there is the Heat Street article by Andrew Stiles in which he obsesses about the fact that Clinton uses a small pillow behind her back whenever she is sitting in a chair. Referring to a photo with Clinton in it, Stiles, writes, “Hillary is being propped up by a pillow, and it’s hardly the first time this has happened. In fact, the former secretary of state used to include propping cushions on her list of demands during her lucrative time on the paid celebrity speaking circuit.”

Here is an appropriate response to Stiles: “Who the hell cares if Clinton uses a small pillow for back support when she is sitting? Clinton isn’t a spring chicken. It is common for people who have reached retirement age to do what Clinton does.”

Perhaps the most outrageous case of going beyond the pale comes Right Wing News writer Katie McGuire. She starts her article All Americans Should Know Who Supports Hillary Clinton For President with the following image:

Then she says below the image, “I guess we can’t say Hillary and Bill are completely useless piles of garbage. At least they are helping one small sector of employment do better …”

Following that, McGuire quotes an article by Right Wing News writer Rachel Alexander in which the latter writes about an alleged “Clinton body count”.

Sure, the stench of scandals is Clinton’s version of perfume, but insinuating that Clinton is guilty of murder borders on the demonic.

One can be opposed to Clinton becoming the next POTUS without taking inhumane shots at her.

(Yes, I recently called Clinton a weasel in response to her lies and deception. However, I was speaking metaphorically about her character. I called Donald Trump a weasel, too.)

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