Nose Holding Among Clinton Voters

Nose holding is the common denominator among the people who are willing to vote for Hillary Clinton. Even liberals are engaged in nose holding at the thought of voting for her.

Walmart moms dread Clinton as well. From the Washington Post:

Two focus groups of “Walmart moms” — most of them in their 30s and 40s, from diverse backgrounds and with household incomes mirroring the overall electorate — were convened Tuesday night in Ohio and Arizona by two polling firms and observed by reporters. They showed extraordinary resistance to the two major-party presidential nominees. The women, whose surnames were withheld for privacy reasons, described Clinton as deceptive, inconsistent and out of touch with the lives of regular people like themselves. When the 10 moms in Ohio were asked their biggest hesita­tion with voting for Clinton, eight said she is “untrustworthy.” Many of the 10 moms in Phoenix gave similar responses. “I think they are all liars, but I feel like she gets caught a lot,” said Julie, an office administrator in Columbus. Linda, a business owner in Phoenix, said she is tired of watching Clinton sweep scandals under the rug: “There’s so much stuffed under there they can’t even lay the carpet down flat now.”

Sure, the current polls are in Clinton’s favor, but those who prefer her over Trump still believe her to be untrustworthy.

Roll Call reports, “Last week’s Washington Post/ABC News survey showed Clinton with an 8 percentage point lead over Trump. Her trustworthiness numbers are still high: 59 percent said Clinton is not honest and trustworthy and about two-thirds said she is too willing to bend the rules. Economist/YouGov polls since the first of the year show that while her favorability numbers are up less than a percentage point, her trustworthiness is lower now than in January.”

A savvy entrepreneur could make a fortune selling clothes pins to Clinton voters this coming November.

Those who do vote for Clinton ought to keep in mind the Latin saying Caveat emptor.

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