What Have We Learned?

I’d like to focus your attention for a few minutes on a series of incidents which either broke into the news or were “resolved” in the last few weeks.


Former Secretary of State Clinton’s Private E-mail server.

The “Hacking” of the Democratic National Committee’s Network.

The “Hacking” of the Clinton Campaign’s Network.

The first and most obvious being that the Clinton Machine does not learn.  A rational being or entity would have reacted to the first such incident by thoroughly reviewing security and addressing any and all issues revealed.

Instead, Madam Former Secretary and her machine played the political damage control game, which in this case extended to collusion between Mr. Clinton and the Attorney General resuling in a “nul prosse” for “lack of mens rhea” where the law specifically defines culpable negligence as prosecutable.

The second being that that the MLSM are (as Glenn Instapundit Reynolds puts it) really dhimmocratic operatives with bylines.  See the difference between the calls for help in parsing the hacked Palin e-mails (who, at that point, was a private citizen) versus the calls for Federal National Security Investigations in “Hacking” incidents 1 and 2 above.

The third being that the “Hacking” of the Clinton Campaign was reported to them by the FBI, and that the Clinton Campaign declined to cooperate in the investigation or fix the vulnerabilities.

The fourth point is that based on points one through three above, the Clinton Machine is far more interested in keeping their correspondence away from the eyes of the American People (for whom they ostensibly work) than they are in keeping such correspondence away from foreign intelligence agencies and the foreign Governments for which they work.

The first four points lead to my fifth point: An HRC Administration would be a continuation of the Seven Deadly Errors which have plagued the 0bama [mal]Administration.

And to my sixth point: dhimmorcrats only care about National Security as a pot of money to award their friends or a club to use against their opponents.

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