Clinton’s Speech and the Facts

Hillary Clinton’s usual less-than-secure grasp of the facts was on display last night:

  • Clinton misrepresented Donald Trump’s “I alone can fix it” line, suggesting he said he could fix everything by himself. Trump was referring to a “rigged” system, and went on to talk about working with others.
  • Clinton said that “we’re going to pay for every single one” of the initiatives she has proposed. We can’t predict the future, but a nonpartisan analysis found her proposals would add to the national debt.
  • Clinton said “90 percent” of income gains “have gone to the top 1 percent.” But that is an outdated figure. It’s now 52 percent.
  • Clinton said 15 million private-sector jobs have been created since President Obama took office. The actual number is 10.5 million, and it’s less — 10.1 million — when accounting for the loss of 460,000 public jobs.
  • Clinton rejected Trump’s border security proposal, saying, “We will not build a wall.” As a senator, however, Clinton voted for and supported legislation to add more fencing along the southern border.

Moreover, Her Majesty stated, “Our country’s motto is e pluribus unum: out of many, we are one.” Well, not exactly. The official motto of the United States is:  In God we trust. Then again, maybe Hillary doesn’t trust in God, so making up something might better fit her village mentality.

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